Medical help for sick and vulnerable Christians in Lebanon

24 January 2024

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Barnabas is helping to meet the medical needs of chronically ill Christians in Lebanon whose suffering is being compounded by the country’s economic crisis.

With inflation soaring, vulnerable believers are struggling to afford the rising cost of medicines. Some have even died from lack of medication.

Others have resorted to taking their medication every other day or taking less than the dosage prescribed in order to eke out precious supplies.

An elderly Christian receives Barnabas-funded medicines in Lebanon

Barnabas is helping to meet their needs by paying for their medication, distributed through our project partners on the ground.

Widow Samira, 71, who has heart problems and diabetes, is thankful for the crucial assistance, and for the joy our partners give when they pray with her as they deliver her medicines.

Our partners said, “The practical help is a tangible proof for those people that they are not forgotten, that their needs are met and that someone is looking after them.”

Pray that the needs of sick and suffering Christians in Lebanon are met. Ask for guidance and wisdom for the country’s leaders in bringing stability to the economy.

Project reference: PR1533 (Needy Christians in Lebanon)

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