Nigerian church minister abducted by terrorists pleads for help amid spate of kidnappings

1 July 2024

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A church minister in Zamfara State, Nigeria, has become only the latest to be abducted by armed militants.  

Mikah Suleiman was kidnapped when gunmen stormed his home in the city of Gusau at around 3am on 22 June. His captors subsequently released a video in which he urgently pleads for assistance.

This abduction is one of at least three such incidents to have taken place in June.

Caption: Mikah Suleiman pleaded for help in a video released by his captors [Image Credit: Daily Post]

“I am pleading for help to be freed from this place,” says Mikah in the 51-second footage published on social media. “They (abductors) told me that they don’t keep people here for long. People don’t stay for up to a week.”

“Please, I am asking for help,” he adds. “Please save my life in the name of God.”

Two other church leaders have been abducted in recent weeks. Gabriel Ukeh was kidnapped from his house in Zaman Dabo, Kaduna State, in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, on Sunday 9 June. He was released the following day.

Christian Ike was abducted on Sunday 16 June after a church service in Ajalli, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State in southern Nigeria. At the time of writing, he is still in the hands of his captors.

These abductions have taken place while Pastor Paul Musa and his wife Ruth remain in captivity following their abduction by Islamist terrorists Boko Haram in Borno State in the North-east.

Pray that the Lord will strengthen Mikah in his ordeal, that he will remain faithful to his Lord whatever awaits him. Pray for the release of church leaders held captive and for an end to this wave of abductions in Nigeria.

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