Give health and healing to poor Pakistani Christians

23 September 2022

Christian mother, Shanti, had lost all hope for her dangerously ill son Sahil. She was weeping when she arrived with him at the clinic and told staff she had nothing to pay for Sahil’s treatment. Her husband, a labourer, had no work and they had already sold what few household items they had to provide food for Sahil and his siblings.

Poor, despised and also sick. Many Christians in Pakistan are very prone to health problems because of their inherited poverty and the malnourishment that goes with it. But when they fall sick, how can they get medical treatment? Private clinics are far too expensive and free government clinics often discriminate against Christians. Anyway, many rural Christians cannot even afford to travel to the cities where healthcare facilities are located.

Christian clinics for Christian patients

Working through local churches and ministries in Pakistan, Barnabas is already funding clinics serving the neediest Christian communities. But more are needed. With your help and the Lord’s enabling, we want to expand our Christian community-based healthcare in Pakistan by setting up five more clinics across the country.

A mobile clinic already being funded by Barnabas travels around the Christian brick-kiln communities in Pakistan, bringing them free medicines and primary healthcare

Three of the new clinics will be based in buildings (“static clinics”) and two will be mobile, travelling round to visit the poorest Christian communities on a regular basis. As well as treating the sick, the clinics will provide check-ups and teach preventative health measures such as hygiene and sanitation.

Joy and celebration as clinics open

When the Barnabas Hope Clinic opened in Mirpurkhas in November 2020, it was “a moment of joy for all the community”, said a church leader. Our project partners on the ground said that it was the best thing that happened “during the depressing and testing times of the pandemic”.

Barnabas Hope Clinic has provided treatment for thousands of impoverished Pakistani Christians. Can you help us to bring joy, relief and health to even more?  

In its first year Hope Clinic treated 6,890 patients, almost double the 3,600 patients that had been predicted. Demand has remained high in 2022, especially because of the devastating floods now afflicting Pakistan.

Drying tears and saving lives

This was the clinic where penniless Shanti, despairing for her son’s life, had brought him. She was amazed to be told that treatment was free at Hope Clinic. Sahil remained at the clinic until his condition stabilised, and afterwards the clinic team visited him at home for a week until he was fully recovered.

Shanti and her husband thank the medical staff for saving Sahil’s life and thank Barnabas supporters for making the clinic possible.

Will you bring joy, relief and health to Christians in Pakistan?

£12 ($14; €14) Steriliser 

£19 ($22; €22) Intravenous drip stand

£50 ($57; €57) Infant weighing scales

£74 ($85; €85) One month’s fuel for generator for a mobile clinic

£90 ($102; €102) Hospital bed for a static clinic

£2,260 ($2,560; €2,560) Total set-up costs for one mobile clinic (excluding vehicle)

£5,590 ($6,350; €6,350) Vehicle for a mobile clinic

£9,000 ($10,200; €10,200) Annual running costs for one static clinic

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