Give this life-saving gift on #GivingTuesday

30 November 2021

Black Friday. For many, the highlight of the retail year. A frenzy of self-indulgence and over-consumption. As bargain hunters eagerly wait for delivery of their shiny new purchases, our starving Christian family in Madagascar eagerly wait on the Lord.

The best delivery you will never receive

This year, on #GivingTuesday, order a delivery like no other: an urgent shipment of ePap to our sick and starving Christian brothers and sisters in drought-ridden Madagascar. It will be the best online order you’ll make this week.

What is ePap?

ePap is a special porridge made from maize and soya beans with added vitamins and minerals. It quickly restores health to malnourished children and adults. Visible improvement can be seen after a few weeks of daily ePap, and the full effect is achieved after two months.

The fight against food insecurity

An estimated billion people worldwide are facing malnutrition as the global food crisis worsens, with 45 million already on the brink of famine.

Of these billion people, 239 million are African. Countries such as Madagascar, Mozambique and Zimbabwe are among the hardest hit. In Madagascar famine has followed years of drought. People have been reduced to eating tree bark or cactus leaves, and many have already died.

A food crisis is an issue that affects all people, but Christians who are already discriminated against and persecuted are often among the worst affected.

How is Barnabas Fund helping?

Barnabas Fund’s new initiative is providing 234 tonnes of ePap for a rolling programme over two years reaching over 79,000 Christians across the 22 regions of Madagascar. This will give them strength and therefore health, as well-nourished bodies are better able to fight off disease.

Please give.

£17 ($23; €20) could provide enough ePap to nourish a family of five for a month