Ukraine: £25 to provide a wheelchair to those in need

19 August 2022

Since late February, intense fighting and bombing in Ukraine have seen towns and cities destroyed, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties. We regularly see the scenes from the ground, beamed to our phones and TVs.

The fighting continues and it is estimated that over 24 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Ukraine.

The great cost of war

War is costly – for all involved. For countries, territory might be won and lost, and sometimes regained again. However, some losses are permanent. Lives lost can never be regained, and nor can lost limbs.

Wheelchairs are urgently needed in Ukraine. Can you donate towards the cost of sending them?

Our Christian partners on the ground have seen an increase in war-wounded patients with burns and blast injuries requiring amputation. Officials in Ukraine have reported a dramatic surge in demand for artificial arms and legs since the conflict started.

Hospitals, under great operational pressure already, are further suffering from a shortage of medical supplies and equipment, with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health recently stating that there is a real need for wheelchairs.

You can provide a wheelchair for as little as £25

Barnabas has secured a donation of 1,176 manual wheelchairs for those in need in Ukraine. Each wheelchair is worth approximately £200.

The wheelchairs will be shipped in the coming weeks in four 40ft containers directly into Ukraine. Each container will cost approximately £7,350, door-to-door. Can you help with the cost of shipping?

For as little as £25, you can provide a wheelchair for those in need in Ukraine.

Barnabas has been heavily involved in Ukraine – from your home to a warzone

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, more than 370 tonnes of food and other supplies provided by our supporters have reached those affected by the devastating conflict. Our priority is to help the most vulnerable affected by the conflict, providing them with food, clothes and urgent medical supplies.

Wheelchairs like this one can be shipped for just £25

Through, Barnabas Aid created a supply line to needy Ukrainian Christians, direct from your home to the war zone itself.

Will you provide a wheelchair for those in need?

Barnabas Aid is shipping 1,176 wheelchairs in the coming weeks.

£25 ($31, €29) could pay for one wheelchair to go to Ukraine

£50 ($62, €58) could pay for two wheelchairs to go to Ukraine

£200 ($248, €232) could pay for eight wheelchairs to go to Ukraine

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