Editorial: Ukraine situation could worsen global food crisis

8 February 2022

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A war in Ukraine could have a disastrous impact on the availability of food across Africa and the Middle East.

Ukraine is one of the main exporters of corn, barley, rye and wheat around the world, including to nations already suffering from food poverty and instability.    

“Food insecurity would be exacerbated in the many developing countries that depend on Ukraine for their sustenance,” says Alex Smith, a food and agriculture analyst at the California-based Breakthrough Institute.

Wheat fields in eastern Ukraine. Conflict and instability in the region could have a disastrous impact on Africa and the Middle East 

More than 40% of Ukraine’s corn and wheat exports are shipped to Africa and the Middle East – regions already bearing the brunt of rising food prices and disrupted food supply caused by conflict, environmental disasters and Covid-19.

In many countries, adds Smith, “price spikes and food insecurity could inflame conflict, heighten ethnic tensions, destabilise governments, and cause violence to spill over borders”.

In November 2021 it was reported that an estimated billion people worldwide are already facing malnutrition as the global food crisis worsens, with 45 million on the brink of famine.

As Christians our priority must be to pray, not only for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, but also for those around the world who are at risk of suffering and starvation.

Pray for peace in Ukraine, and that the supply of wheat and other vital food supplies around the world will not be disrupted. Ask that the Lord will bless efforts to reach hungry and starving Christians, and all those suffering food insecurity and malnutrition, including the work of Barnabas Fund’s food.gives project.

Help is possible. Through our food.gives initiative, Barnabas Fund is joining the fight against food insecurity, hunger and starvation.

The work of food.gives is growing and gathering momentum. Will you join others who are filling up their food boxes in their homes and churches across the UK? Please visit https://www.food.gives/ to see how you can help.

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